Virtual staffing means your employee is not physically located within your own office but located in offshore locations and works for you remotely under your complete control and management with no employee liabilities. We will provide you dedicated resources to work for your clients or your personal corporate projects.

We have a very good resource pool in all technology verticals. Using our virtual staffing solution you can any time ramp up/down your team for any of your project need from UI/UX to core programming.

Why Virtual

  • You hire your Own Employee not a Freelancer.
  • Virtual Employee work only for you like your Own Employee.
  • Virtual Employee works with you directly but remotely under your Complete Control & Management with not Employee Liability.
  • Staff and IT Infrastructure at one tenth of the cost with improved efficiencies and enhanced productivity.
  • Save time, efforts and money in sourcing, interviewing and recruiting workforce, We have already done the hard work for you.
  • No hassles of Payroll management and other HR Management activities.
  • No IT Facility required - We will provide State of the Art IT Infrastructure with independent access under your control and at your disposal, resulting into no capital expenditure required to set up requisite IT Facility.
  • Hire Employee- Short Term or Long term basis, just at the click of mouse having full control and governed by your work ethics, standard and culture, HR Policy, Procedure and Guidelines.
  • Cost Effective, Seamless and very successful approach to Traditional/ Conventional Outsourcing or setting up or expending own department.
  • No set up time required contrary to setting up of your own department or its expansion or outsourcing.
  • Availability of BEST TALENT PEOPLE at the click of the mouse.
  • No employee liabilities
  • Global Presence
  • Easy to start

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