Impeccable Software’s aim is to provide innovative and cost effective software solutions that address your business goals and help you to enhance your productivity and performance. Custom software that is tailored to your requirements and business can help you harness exponential business growth. Technology advancements have triggered the requirements and need of custom software in all kind of industries and business arena.

Impeccable Software’s is one of the leading custom software development companies in India with wide range of experience and expertise in developing custom software applications for various industries and domain. Impeccable Software’s team has successfully delivered bespoke software applications for various domain and industries like NGO, Finance, Insurance, Advertising & Media, Construction, Retail, Travel, Sports and Consumer Industry.

agile cycle

The process and methodologies we use for software development aims at improving productivity and quality. The deliverables to clients are assured to meet their expectations in terms of functionality, cost and delivery timeline. The models followed are Agile and Waterfall.

Discovery Phase of Software Solutions
The Discovery phase builds a shared vision of the project among all the key stakeholders of the project. The Impeccable Softwares team identifies the tasks and deliverables that address the requirements and goals of the project as set by you.

The Discovery Process consists of the following steps :

Defining the project structure :
Identification of an administrative structure for the project team and the standards for managing the project.

Defining your business goals :
Analysis of your business objectives and potential opportunities in order to identify the final deliverables.

Assessing the current situation :
Evaluation of the current situation and analysis of the difference between the current and expected situation. The purpose of this evaluation is to create the problem statement and identify the direction of the project.

Creating a vision statement and defining the scope of the project :
Creation of a vision statement that communicates the long-term direction for guiding the team toward its business goals. Identification of the scope of the project defines what will and will not be included in the solution.

Defining requirements and user profiles :
Identification of the stakeholders, end users, and sponsors for the project and documentation of their requirements for the solution. This information helps to evaluate the vision/scope of the project and to create a solution concept.

Developing a solution concept :
Creation of a baseline solutions concept, that is the outlining of the approach that the team will take to create the solution. This concept is created by using the requirements that have been identified.

Assessing risk :
Identification and assessment of the risks to the project, and creation of a risk mitigation plan. This is an iterative step that is conducted during all stages of the product life cycle.

Closing the Discovery Phase :
Accomplished when the vision/scope document is formally approved by all stakeholders and the project team.

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