Our Societymax solution is an on-demand SaaS solution that serves the tracking and management needs of residential property managers with between 10 and 5,000 units. The system can accommodate a variety of different types of property managers, including those with residential properties, condos, homeowners associations (HOAs), and multi-family units.

Property owners, managers, associates, and accountants use Societymax to manage day-to-day business functions such as property revenue collection, security control, customer transactions, inventory management, maintenance tasks, tax tracking, and daily audits.

Apartment Management Systems (AMS) or Property Management Systems (PMS) is used in real estate, manufacturing, logistics, intellectual property and government or accommodation management.
SocietyMax is build to help our society by offering gamut of online services i.e.:

Society Search:
Provide quick, genuine and comprehensive information to our site users about Services providers, businesses and vendors and help societies to connect with right vendors.

Society Management tool’s:
SocietyMax currently offer Apartment/Facility management and accounting software with Collaboration tools to manage your:

- Apartments, Housing Complex OR Groups.
- Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS)
- Apartment Owners Associations
- Facility Management Agencies, Promoters and Developers

SocietyMax management and colloboration tools means, easy and effective way to manage and operate your society. SocietyMax reduce the maintenance costs and increases the satisfaction of the residents in your association.

Society Social commerce:
Is a online marketplace for users of this site and business owners for buying and selling goods or services on this portal. SocietyMax is all about "Innovative solutions at Affordable price.

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