LeadGlint is a Singular Platform of integrated solutions for Lead Generation, Conversions, Acquisition & Retention.

LeadGlint marketing platform provides your business the comprehensive solution to drive results from your customer acquisition strategy. Intelligent design of the platform gives you the flexibility to implement standalone solutions from the portfolio, still integrating each one with overall marketing plan.

The solutions ranging from Creation of Landing Pages, Qualification of Leads, User Generated content, Referral & Loyalty campaigns, Social Login, Ratings & Reviews to Customer Reach Campaigns - LeadGlint simplifies the complexities in the Customer Acquisition.

The new age design enables a seamless integration with various business tools such as CRM, Email Marketing & Contact Management, making the data & information exchange a child’s play. It provides the necessary boost to customer’s existing marketing ecosystem to derive more value from it.

LeadGlint offers end to end Implementation and Managed Services support for all the solutions in the portfolio.

LeadGlint Advantages:
- It makes your sales team more efficient and effective.
- It makes your marketing smarter and more cost-efficient.
- Get more organized and efficient.
- Everything at one place.
- Easily and effectively manage every relationship in your business community.
- Get insight into where you win most.
- Get visibility into your pipeline and forecast.
- Manage your leads more effectively with lead analysis tools.
- Improve client satisfaction and customer retention.

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