With the advent of mobile applications, customers and business are just a touch away. Mobile apps are fast, easy to access & operate and highly efficient. With so much competition around, today, any business cannot survive without being proactive. Mobile apps are sure short cut to gain competitive edge. Mobile apps help businesses to extend their reach in the market, retain existing customer base, helps manage customer accounts and last but not the least increases the visibility of any business. Hence, it’s almost naïve on the part of any business organization to ignore mobile apps.

We at Impeccable Software’s have a passionate, experienced and an expert team dedicated to mobile app development. We can design any types of apps be varying from personal assistance to m-educator apps to enterprise apps. Our core areas of expertise include:

- iPhone app development
- iPad app development
- Android mobile app development
- Windows mobile app development

Impeccable Software’s follows following application development process to ensure that customer receives bug-free and quality mobile app.

- Conceptualize the business idea or thought
- Develop a detailed wireframe
- Implementation
- Test the mobile application with customer
- Publish the app on store

Team engages customer at various stages of development life cycle and ensures that the development is within the project scope and meets customer requirements and expectations. We give extra focus on user interface. We focus on simple but elegant user interface. UI is very important for the marketability of the mobile app. Our mobile design and user interface are unique and adds value in the marketability of the mobile application.

Mobile application engineering using all mobile capabilities
Location-Based Services

- Multi-touch
- Animation
- Networking
- Media and Video
- Synchronization

Cross-platform mobile development for all major mobile platforms

iOS → Objective-C, Cocoa, OpenGL, SQLLite
Android → Java, OpenGL, RenderScript, SQLLite
Win Phone 7, Windows 8 → C#, Silverlight, XNA
Smart TV → JavaScript; HTML5, CSS3
Cross-platform → JavaScript, HTML5, WebKit, PhoneGap, Titanium, ASP.NET, PHP

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